Since 2017, the INTERGAZCERTSYSTEM has ensured in Russia that critical equipment, such as pipes or pressure vessels, but also management systems shall be subject to additional verification, if these goods and services have a key role to play in certain projects. Though the INTERGAS certificate is issued on voluntary basis and does not replace the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, it can be an important market access for compliance with the standards in the Russian Federation. Outright thanks to the fact that INTERGAZCERTSYSTEM represents a complex conformity assessment system, which is not identical with the technical regulations and belongs more and more frequently to the requirements of a project, the manufacturers of machines and plants, as well as providers of appropriate services must go through this special procedure. Our services related to the INTERGAZCERTSYSTEM:

  • Conformity assessment of machines, plants and projects
  • Certification and technical compliance for machines, complete plants and services according to INTERGAZCERTSYSTEM
  • GAP-analysis and classification according to INTERGAZCERT
  • Preparation of the inspection according to INTERGAZCERT
  • Preparation of documentation conforming to the standards and of safety reports

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